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Enter avg activation code - AVG Retail Key Activation

AVG key activation is a must through webpage. AVG antivirus offers advanced security program that blocks threats, identity theft viruses, rootkits, spyware, and other malicious activities. The license number is the one that helps in activating the AVG setup through URL. To safeguard your virus infected device, AVG antivirus serves internet security as well as offline security. Install and activate AVG at webpage and save the data with an antivirus shield. Additionally, AVG protects data and devices against malwares, dangerous fraud websites, ransomware, hackers, data stealers, and spammers while you are online.

Create your AVG account with AVG MyAccount –

Create an AVG account by filling essential details at or visit the home page. If you don’t have the key, then visit, enter details and create a new AVG account.
Register your account by visiting

• Go through Enter the key on the box and submit
• On the appearing account login page click on “Create it here” page
• Here, enter details and create the AVG account.

If you don’t have an activation key yet, but want to register the account, then go to AVG MyAccount page from the home page. Submit the essential detail on the fields such as email and password, then built an AVG account. AVG technologies suggest that if you purchase an activation key, then it becomes easy to create an account through webpage.

Redeem AVG activation code – How does works? is the only URL page that provides you the platform to redeem the AVG activation code. You can redeem the code in online or offline mode, including the retail card, online CD installation, and activation. In case if you have a retail card, or you purchased it from the retail store, then check its flipside and scratch the code which is looking like XXXX- XXXXXXXXXX- XXXX on the card. Then enter the code on webpage. If you have the CD, then you can install the setup directly, but if you bought it online, then you can redeem the key by checking the email sent by AVG technologies. Then you can activate the setup from the site. The activation link works in installing, downloading, and activating the setup. | AVG license number – why do you need it?

Activating the AVG license number through is one of the essential steps in AVG installation. You should purchase the AVG activation code. The reason for having the AVG key necessity at are shown below,

• The AVG license number applies to the registration of AVG.
• Account registration required activation code to confirm the purchase.
• If you download and install the AVG antivirus, then activation is a must.
• If you don’t submit the AVG license number, the software will not scan or protect the data or device.

How do I register a newly purchased AVG product?

1 You may check the activation code on the backside of the card, also the activation link. If you don’t find any, follow the further process.
2 Paste the link on your browser –
3 Type or paste the key or activation key on the displayed box.
4 Here click on “Confirm Code.”
5 It will show you two options. Further, one is login, and others create an account.
6 If you have created the AVG account already, then click on the “Log in & activate” button.
7 If you don’t have an account, then click “Create it here” and enter details.
8 Create an account and then click ACTIVATE.
9 Now, you are done with the registration process.

Install AVG with License Number – - Online Installation

1 Go through site on your browser.
2 From your email or retail card, enter the AVG product key on the displaying activation box.
3 Here, to submit the key, click on the CONFIRM CODE button.
4 The next page will be appearing; you must log in here.
5 Enter the email and password that you used while creating an AVG account.
6 Submit the account details and choose the AVG product.
7 Hit the DOWNLOAD button and start downloading the setup.
8 Now, install the setup and enter the serial key during installation.
9 Complete the process and restart the device.

AVG CD installation – Offline installation without visiting

User should know that they can install AVG in two methods offline and online. If you don’t want to visit or you have a very slow internet connection, then you can choose offline methods. CD/DVD installation is the best way to install AVG antivirus on your PC if you have issues with online installation. To avoid webpage AVG installation, you can go to nearby retail or AVG store. There, purchase the AVG antivirus CD and follow below process –

1 Open the AVG CD package.
2 Insert the CD on the disc port of your PC.
3 Wait for a few seconds, a window will pop-up on the screen.
4 Copy the setup and locate it into another download folder.
5 Double-tap on the setup.exe icon and start the installation.
6 Once completed, finish the installation.